It Unit

Duties of IT Center

  •  Networking of the University

  • Student portals
  • Internal digital operator
  • Computer laboratories
  • Establishing an infrastructure for the data center
  • Fingerprint devices
  • Connecting the new building
  • Internet service
  • Administrative automation
  • Electronic correction program
  • Problems and obstacles
  • future plans

 University networking

 • Networking all university buildings using UTP, Fiber Optic Cables, according to plans and working mechanisms that ensure the stability of the university's internal network and the rapid fault repair whenever required.  • Distributing wireless devices to broadcast the Internet service as well as to have an access to the data center and all university applications. • Distributing Ethernets or ports in departments, Deanships, and every important branch in the University for secondary use, such as to connect a printer or camera devices, or provide the Internet at a speed different from the university program for the media department, for example, to upload videos  at high speed, as well as linking fingerprint devices and digital portals for student entry, in addition to the digital operator system.

 Completed applications for automation

 * Implementation of the violations system

 * Application of the activities of teachers

 * Implementation of the ticket system for the Information Technology Center

 * Application of the system of reducing students' wages. Application of the statistics system for human resources. Implementation of the issuance of documents, the archiving system

Training And Development

Teaching Staff Services

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