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  • EDXOne of the most powerful and best online learning sites, as it offers many free courses in English in various fields from international universities such as: Oxford and Harvard
  • SkillshareOne of the most famous online learning sites, as it includes at least 15,000 courses, some free and some paid, in various fields, including: photography, marketing, management, design, entrepreneurship, and many more. Subscription to the platform is monthly, and initially you will get a free month upon registration.
  • AudacityThe Audacity website has partnered with several international companies, including: Google, Facebook, and others, and we find that the site is distinguished by providing many distinctive courses in several different fields, the most prominent of which are: Web Developing, Data Analysis, Mobile Developing.
  • Factice It is one of the best sites that publish interesting scientific and historical facts from reliable sources and accredited and specialized entities, so it is an ideal choice for fans of science fiction and historical information
  • Courser One of the most prominent online learning sites, it is distinguished by the fact that it includes many courses from international universities in Arabic and English, and offers at least 800 free courses in various fields.
  • Open Hpi It is one of the largest online learning platforms in information technology and computer science. It is distinguished by providing high-quality lessons in the English language, all of which you can get for free
  • Edraak The most famous site for learning in the Arabic language, as the number of learners on the Edraak platform reaches at least 2.5 million learners. You will be able to develop many technical and professional skills by following the Edraak website.
  • Digital photography school It is the best site for improving photography skills, and one of the most famous courses that the site offers that we recommend to you is: Night Photography, 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer.
  • Khan Academy The platform offers many academic learning resources for free, and it also provides you with theoretical sources that you can easily obtain without any financial cost.
  • Investopedia Academy It is one of the most distinguished sites in the field of investment and marketing in addition to personal finance, and therefore we advise you to follow these courses so that you can control your financial future
  • The best Arab electronic platform for learning and self-development. provides you with several different fields, such as design, technology, and management, which helps you develop your skills.
  • Noon Academy Now you can book private lessons with your friends and colleagues in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and English through your mobile device and computer with ease through the Noon Academy website
  • Qaf Academy If you want to learn any field for free, we advise you to choose Qaf Academy, which offers a group of scientific materials in various fields, including: digital media, design, production, and preparation and production.
  • Alison website It is one of the best sites for free online learning in various fields, including: medicine, design, drawing, business administration, languages, and marketing, and we find that you can obtain a certificate upon completion of the course
  • Silo Academy The site includes at least 100 free courses, which has prompted millions to use the platform to learn and obtain certificates.
  • Sadeem website The site offers distinguished electronic courses in several fields, for example: financial management, management and leadership, information technology, volunteering, relations and media, and planning. One of the most popular courses with at least 5,000 subscribers is the Financial Intelligence course


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