University Calendar

Details Start Date End Date Note
first term 6/12/2020 18/3/2021 None
tests of first term 22/3 3/4 None
Spring Holiday 4/4 10/4 None
Second term 11/4 22/7 None
Tests of Second term 25/7 9/8 None
Summer Hliday and Training 10/8 9/9 None
tests of second turn 12/9 23/9 None

Consider the following:

  • The councils of the departments and divisions are legible to advance or delay the timing shown by one week having approved by the college/institute.
  • Continuing the e education for all humanitarian studies until the crises of corona pandemic is over
  • The education has to be mixed (electronic and traditional )for humanitarian, medial, engineering, science and any college or institute that has practical studies. The council of the department, by the approval of the college council, would authorize the branches to determine the needs for students existence provided that should be no more than one or two days a week in small groups and insuring all health precautions (face masks, gloves and continuous sterilizations). Taking into consideration the relative working hours for staff and employees.  
  • The students of the specialties mentioned in item no.3 will conduct their theoretical courses online until the crises of corona is over, whereas their practical, applied and clinical courses at the nearest university to their residency.
  • An official letter will be send via e mail from our university to the university where the student will conduct the practical, applied and clinical courses based upon a request from the student which is to be received by email on / /. The grades of the students will be received via the same email
  • The students will perform their summer training at their residencies either at privet of public sectors in accordance to their specialties, whenever possible. Provided taking into consideration the relative working hours at the various departments and safety regulations of the crises cell. If that cannot be achieved, then the summer training will be done online by submitting researches to the institutions of training  in the field of specialties. That has to be made via e mail correspondences between the university and the institutions at the students residencies.  
  • Authorizing councils all Colleges, Institutes, Departments, Branches to facilitate executing the regulations within the independency program of the University