Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To be a leading global university that shapes the future of higher education and scientific research


 To benefit society through education, research, innovation and transformation



1- Developing scientific infrastructure through establishing specialized research centers that contribute to the development of scientific research. 

2- Strengthening ties with local, regional and international research institutions through community participation.

 3-Working to establish a scientific office system concerned with providing modern scientific sources. 

4- Developing the scientific capabilities of the teaching and research staff through continuous qualification. 

5- Developing scientific curricula in a way that is consistent with the scientific development taking place at the world level. 

6- Addressing the scarcity of research competencies in some rare specialties.

 7- Seeking the contribution of scientific research to the development of the economic and social aspects. 

8- Overcoming the difficulties that the researcher may face by strengthening financial resources to fulfill the research requirements. 

9-Working to establish scientific incubators between various universities and research centers on the one hand and the productive sectors on the other hand. 

10-Supporting students’ scientific and innovative projects through the university and scientific institutions embracing those projects.

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