About the University

Despite the fact that it is a newly established University, in October 2017. Al-Ayen University was able to prove itself among the  renowned  Universities.

 And was able to implement many scientific and administrative achievements in a record time. Among which were the distinguished international scientific conference, which was held in two copies so far, participation in the international scientific classifications such as RUR and others, and facilitated publishing scientific researches of the university professors in international scientific concepts

Al-Ayen University focused on attracting competent local and Arab teachers and provided durable infrastructure, as its scientific laboratories were equipped with the latest advanced technology from the best international origins, besides having modern buildings and classrooms which are equipped with the latest technologies. Moreover, the University continues to update the scientific and administrative plans, as it has developed a work strategy that contains several axes to elevate the university to the peaks of modern science.

 Mission and Objectives of the University

  • The Mission:

The university aspires to achieve a leadership at the Arab and International levels in education, advancement of scientific research and servicing through implementing international standards with top quality in all aspects of education.

  • The Objectives:
  •  Preparing scientifically and professionally qualified staff with professional ethics to serve the community.
  • creating a real partnership with the community by providing scientific consultations in all fields of the University's interest.
  • Preparing qualified scientific researchers to present theoretical and applied researches that help solving the scientific problems.
  • Activating scientific research, holding conferences, seminars and linking the university education with the community's needs and plans development.
  • Developing the existing scientific syllabuses by coordination with faculties in the reputable Iraqi and foreign universities to keep pace with scientific developments in the fields of specialization.
  •  Contribute to train and rehabilitate the state and private employees through training courses in different fields.
  •  Contribute to the consolidation of the ethical educational aspect and the development of the national and Islamic spirit in the young generation in order to create and rehabilitate young talents who are creative and faithful who believe in God and the unity of the country and are able to serve the community and sacrifice for it.

The University has five medical and engineering Faculties

There are modern scientific laboratories

The University provides modern accommodation for the female students

The university provides a library equipped with scientific books within its campus

Organizational Chart

Number Of Visitors Today : 629 Visitor
Total Number Of Visitors : 250818 Visitor