About the University

Despite its recent foundation in October of 2017, Al-Ayen I raqi University has raced ahead of time in its attempt to reach the ranks of discerning universities.

 In a record period, it was able to achieve many scientific and administrative achievements, including the distinguished international scientific conference, which has been in two copies so far, and to enter into international scientific classifications such as RUR and others, and to facilitate the dissemination of scientific research by university professors in international scientific indexes. And interested in attracting competent Arab and local teachers And by equipping a solid infrastructure, where the scientific laboratories were equipped with the latest devices and systems and from the best international origins, as well as the modern buildings of the university and its classrooms equipped with the latest technologies. The university continues to update the scientific and administrative plans, as it has developed a work strategy that contains several axes that will elevate the university to the edges of modern science.

Mission and objectives of the University


To be a leading global university that shapes the future of higher education and scientific research

The mission

To benefit society through education, research, innovations and transformation


1- Developing scientific infrastructure through establishing specialized research centers that contribute to the development of scientific research. 

2- Strengthening ties with local, regional and international research institutions through community participation.

 3-Working to establish a scientific office system concerned with providing modern scientific sources. 

4- Developing the scientific capabilities of the teaching and research staff through continuous qualification. 

5- Developing scientific curricula in a way that is consistent with the scientific development taking place at the world level. 

6- Addressing the scarcity of research competencies in some rare specialties.

 7- Seeking the contribution of scientific research to the development of the economic and social aspects. 

8- Overcoming the difficulties that the researcher may face by strengthening financial resources to fulfill the research requirements. 

9-Working to establish scientific incubators between various universities and research centers on the one hand and the productive sectors on the other hand. 

10-Supporting students’ scientific and innovative projects through the university and scientific institutions embracing those projects.


                                       The strategic plan

                 Strategic Plan

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