Continuing Education

Vision, mission and objectives
Assistant Prof. Dr. Qutaiba Abdulkareem Qasim

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The vision of the center 

The center provides modern training courses wherever needed either inside or outside the University, for individual or groups, governmental or Private sectors. As part of its contribution to develop human resources and improve their experiences and skills. In order to be one of the vital training centers to satisfy the needs of seekers in their practical life.    

The Mission of the Center

To provide developed and modern training courses to all employees of the University, other Universities, public institutions and civil society organizations, to prepare a staff capable of providing the best services to the community, through supplying them with the best and latest training and education techniques

Objectives of the Center

  • Upgrading the training programs by adopting modern programs such as electronic courses
  •  Strengthening the relationship with various Public Departments and Civil Society Organizations  
  • Adopting a renewable mechanism to conduct courses and symposiums as per needs to insure upgrading the training skills for the trainee and the trainer.
  • Informing the official and non-official departments regarding participation of their employees in those courses.
  • Following up the execution of the courses practically in accordance with the set plan  
  • Insuring that all requirements to hold training programs are provided.  
  • Publishing an annual training courses manual and submitting it to the concerned departments
  • Participating in the scientific conferences and symposiums inside and outside  the University
  • Activating the scientific research movement at the center and identify its aims and achievements. Besides presenting the scientific and artistic consultations for the undergraduates and postgraduates using the experience of the Professors.   


Number of symposiums held by the Center 

    • Descriptions
    • Number
    • Symposiums
    • 2
    • Training Courses
    • 3
    • Workshops
    • 15

Activities Schedule