Civil Affairs

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Office of the President of the University / civil Affairs Division

The Civil Affairs Division at Al-Ayen University adopts the principle of cooperation among the people, the university presidency and all scientific departments and sectors in order to solve problems and overcoming difficulties that people may face during their visit to the university

Important duties of Civil Affairs Division:

  • Receiving visitors, listening to their complains and directing them to concerned department according to their requests.
  • Receiving all proposals addressed to the President of the University and follow up to get his view
  • Organizing the interviews with president of the university
  • Uploading proposals of the citizens through citizen e-government program using the format from the Ministry Website. This will help the citizen follow up their requests
  •  Communicating with the citizens via Mobile or e mail to update them about their requests or claims
  • Follow up with the concerned departments of the university regarding the requests of the citizens
  • Receiving inquiries of the citizens via mobile or e mail of the civil affairs division and forward them to the concerned departments
  • Take the suggestions of the citizens about the university into consideration   

Objectives of the Civil Affairs Division

  • The civil affairs division represents the president of the University for the public
  • Provide the best services to the citizens equally
  • Directly communicating with the concerned department regarding citizens requests
  • This division reflects a civilized view among civilized societies and countries of institutions 

How to Apply

  • Writing the request clearly and briefly and determining a specific subject and a title
  • Writing the full name and the address, mobile number and the e mail of the sender, and indicating the concerned department in order to follow up. Otherwise the request will be neglected
  • no attachments are requested 

to submit your request 

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Number Of Visitors Today : 304 Visitor
Total Number Of Visitors : 1117419 Visitor