Speech of the President of the University

Dr. Shafeeq Shakir Shafeeq

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Despite the fact that it is a newly established University, in October 2017. Al-Ayen University was able to prove itself among the renowned  Universities. It was able to implement many scientific and administrative achievements in a record time. Among which were holding the distinguished international scientific conference in two copies so far, and the participation in the international scientific classifications such as RUR and others, and facilitating publishing scientific researches of the university professors in international scientific concepts

Al-Ayen University focused on attracting competent local and Arab teachers and provided durable infrastructure, as the scientific laboratories were equipped with the latest advanced technology from the best international origins, besides the university’s modern buildings and classrooms which are equipped with the latest technologies. And the university continues to update its scientific and administrative plans, as it has developed a work strategy that contains several axes that will elevate the university to the peaks of modern science.

Number Of Visitors Today : 1567 Visitor