Speech of the President of the University

Prof. Dr. Shafik S. Shafik

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The academic reputation and environment, knowledge dissemination, human building, serving the community and  useful scientific research are the fundamentals that we determined as poles to construct a sober and flexible university in dealing with the International technological and knowledge variations. Based on that, Al-Ayen the Iraqi University, despite its new establishment (early 2017) highly proved to be combatant locally to universities and colleges which were established decades ago, so it has been among the top in abundance of research production, quality, value, application and benefits of sustainable development goals, and many achievements which made it a national pride of the community with the testimony of those in charge of education in our Ministry and other public and private universities. One of the important strategic aims of Al-Ayen University is the Internationalization, which we have started with pre-studied steps to activate it and to be accredit by the International scientific community through obtaining memorandums of understanding and cooperation with sober universities and with other international indexes and associations that the application of fundamentals is their bases of dealing. I would like to add, that our university has its own performance measures inspired by its university environment and the global criteria, and one of the most important measures of our university is the self-assessment scale, which provided the university a distinguished method to modernize itself and consolidate all joints. In conclusion, the concept such as quality, institutional accreditation, and academic accreditation are considered important and major joints in any scientific and academic aspect of the university, therefore, it is impossible by any means to proceed with any program either studying or establishing scientific department or practical laboratory or service facilities or others without considering those concepts and applying them in reality.          

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