Financial Affairs

Financial Affairs

Its duty is to follow up the financial needs of the University and work to fulfill them through its divisions according to their specialties. The divisions of the financial department are integrated unit within the department as follow:  

  • Account Division : its main duty is to execute the budget which is related to the services, materials and maintenance requirements. This is done by official approvals through payment of the salaries and allowances and facilitating all transactions  related to the university  
  • Supplies Division: fulfilling the University Departments' needs of goods purchased by central committees such as fixed assets, equipment, devices, stationary, disposables, sport equipment and spare parts for vehicles. And receiving gifts and donations from the Ministry and distribute them to the colleges, centers and institutes according to the directions of the president of the University. Also make inventory to the possess of the University's Departments and form committees for disposal of consumables after obtaining official approvals. And follow up and organize the warehouses regarding the entry and exit of materials within the Division records.    
Follow Up Department

Also called the Follow up Committee as it follows the performance of the security personals of the campus 24/7. They perform patrols inside and around the Campus to highlight the challenges facing the security personals and  finding suitable solutions according to the instructions of the Manager.

Engineering Affairs

It is considered as one of the vital departments belongs to the Presidency of the University, it is directly affiliated with the Assistant for the Administrative Affairs. It was established for the necessity of improving the construction process of the University and inspection and follow up the rehabilitation and expansion projects. It is also a vital departments due to its contributions in dealing with development and investment projects of the University improvement projects to serve facilitating the educational path and provides successful communication environment between the teaching staff and the students

The Future vision of the Department

The future vision of the Department is to complete all the buildings at the site and implement the infrastructure according to the prepared plans, besides maintaining the existing buildings to upgrade the services provided and provide all the requirements of the current and future colleges and research centers

Duties of the Department

  • Carrying out preliminary and planning studies for the need of colleges, institutes and centers for new facilities, buildings and expansions.
  • Carrying out preliminary, planning and feasibility studies for projects of colleges, institutes, centers and new possible housing projects.
  • Carrying out studies for preparing the annual investment and operational budget in relation to the buildings and their maintenance
  • Preparing the necessary designs and documents to implement new buildings, expansions and modifications, as well as statements BoQ (Bill Of Quantities) for maintenance
  • Providing technical advice to diagnose and solve emergency operational technical problems in colleges and the rest of the university's facilities in terms of electrical, health and air conditioning services.
  • Technical supervision of the entire construction contracts that are carried out under the investment budget and the maintenance works that are carried out under the current budget. Besides their participation in supervising and receipt of work implemented by colleges and institutions directly.
  • Carrying out some construction works in case it is not possible to implement them through competitive contracting
  • Preparing studies and designs for multiple projects for the University's assets
  • Preparing all requirements of the Investment plan and prepare to start the work once approved  
Lawful Department

It is affiliated with the Administrative Assistant of the University and undertakes the following tasks and duties

  • Represent the University before the Court and Judicial Authorities to claim and defend their rights.
  • Providing lawful opinion and  advice in the University's issues
  • Preparing guarantees for the enrolled students to ensure returning of the overdue sums that may arise due to damaging possessions or submitting forged documents   
  • Follow up the disciplinary behavior of the students in accordance with the students discipline law no. 160 of 2007
  • Preparing renting contracts for the sites of the University in accordance with relevant laws
  • Participates in the investigation committees formed at the University
  • Dealing with the  police stations, integrity commission and any other department needs to be dealt with.
  • Follow up the cases of the counterfeiters and appeal against them lawfully
  • Organizing pledges for the drivers to insure maintaining the cars at their custody  
  • Inventory for the University Real estates and maintain copies of the deeds  
  • Conducting the authorities of the Notary in the University's issues such as attesting guarantees  
  • Announcing bids and tenders
  • Carry out all the legal issues related to the University.
Students Housing Affairs Department

First: the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as per its available resource, prepares accommodation for the students called students housing

Second: the students housing objectives are:

  • Create suitable educational atmosphere  
  • Work to eliminate the social differences among the students
  • To help the students interact to strengthen their friendship and get use to teamwork, respect laws, be informed about their duties and rights as a base for their future and to be self-dependent  
  • Directing the students politically, socially and intellectually to comply with the policy of the Country
  • Strengthening the students personalities and encourage them to interchange opinions through direct debates  
  • Improving the abilities of the students by encouraging them technically, socially, culturally and physically through holding arts exhibitions, travels, social parties and sports activities.
Humen Resources Department

 Managing the employees affairs is one of the administrative sectors of the University which execute all of the official procedures related to the employment and employees affairs including the teaching staff, administrative, technicians and the servants. It provides consultations, advice and help to all unites of the University. Besides, working on developing and improving the performance of the manpower and attracting the practical and scientific expertise and competent   

C. V of the Administrative Assistant

Prof. Dr. Atheer Yusif Oudah