University Council

The University Council is considered the highest scientific and administrative body in the university which is headed by the Chancellor. Its board includes the scientific and administrative assistant, deans, assistants and representatives of the founding body, the teaching staff and the students. It meets monthly and takes decisions and recommendations and sends them to the Ministry for authentication and approval.

  • Affirming the acceptance terms
  • Determine the limit of the number of students to be accepted at the beginning of each academic year
  • Deciding the syllabuses and submit them to the Ministry
  • Deciding a plan to provide education requirement
  • Determining the studying fees
  • Managing the college funds, investing and disposing them in accordance with the college aims
  • Assign and dismiss  assistants to the dean and heads of departments and branches
  • Recommending extending the period of the dean services
  • Granting scientific certificates for the Graduates

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