Al-Ayen University discusses ways of mutual cooperation with Halliburton Landmark Oil Company
2021 Jun 14

The Faculty of Oil Engineering at Al-Ayen University discussed ways of joint cooperation with Halliburton-Landmark Oil Company, during a visit of the company delegation headed by Chief Engineer Ahmed Moayed.

The delegation was received by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Shafeeq Shaker Shafeeq Al-Mowla, the Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs Asst Prof Dr. Haider Abdul Amir Marhoon, the Dean of the Faculty of Oil Engineering Asst Professor Dr. Mustafa Al-Fayez, the instructor at the Faculty of Oil Engineering Dr. Abdul-Hussein Neama and a number of professors and instructors .

The two parties discussed joint cooperation in an attempt to provide the college with specialized programs for students of the College.

The president of the university declared , ((The purpose of the visit was to enforce the cooperation, and it was part of a series of meetings held by the two parties in an attempt to benefit from the Halliburton Oil Company to provide the college with specialized programs of interest to students at the bachelor's and master's levels, including machinery engineering, drilling and production programs.))

They also discussed the possibility of holding training workshops and periodic mutual visits. The representatives of the company were cooperative in this regard. The meeting was fruitful and we expect to have better cooperation in the coming days

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