A lecturer at Al-Ayen University honors with a Medal of creativity at the International Scientific Conference for the Iraqi University
2022 Jan 25

The Lecturer Dr. Omran Mizhir Al-Arjan of the Anesthesia Department- College of Health and Medical Technologies at Al-Ayen University was awarded a creativity Medal at the 5th International Scientific Conference entitled ((peaceful coexistence among the religions throughout the History)) for the Iraqi Universities. In recognition for his valuable contributions at the conference through scientific committees and assessing the researches of the conference, and for his research entitled

((Estimating vitamin D rates among autistic children in Iraq))

100 samples from autistic patients were collected from various Iraqi Hospitals and this illness was linked with Vitamin D and found that most of the children with autism had Vitamin D deficiency .

Al-Ayen University is very interesting in encouraging its teaching staff to enter the research field and participate in the conferences and symposia and publish their researches at non-indexed international journals as part of their support to the scientific path

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