Al-Ayen University holds a workshop on blood tests
2022 Apr 28
  • The Continuing Education Center held a workshop entitled " blood groups and ratio test". it was delivered by Asst. Lect. of College of Health and Medical Technology Yaqeen Raisan at the College's Laboratories in presence of Director of Anesthesia Dep. Dr. Mohammad Kadhum and Dep. Rapporteur Asst. Lect. Mohammad Nazzal and a number of staff and students.  

The workshop aims to identify the blood, its drawing mechanism and its importance in the laboratories besides, illustrating its resulting complications. It also included the meaning of blood and its components, determining types of blood samples, blood withdrawal methods, required instruments and devices, the model steps of blood withdrawal process, explaining the complications on the patient and specialist during and after the process according to procedure's type, besides showing samples of labor errors.    

The workshop advised to educate about blood, its important, its components and ratios, samples of tests to be used according to the required analysis, the possibility of withdrawing blood from various parts of the body such as veins, arteries and capillaries, and training all laboratories labors on the right methods of blood withdrawal, pay attention to apply professional safety regulations for the safety of the labors and patients. in case of complications, a prompt health care should be provided.   

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