The president of the University together with his two Assistants visit the teaching hospital at the College of Dentistry
2021 Jun 24

The president of Al-Ayen University Prof. Dr. Shfeeq Shakir Shafeeq Almowla, Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs Asst Prof. Dr. Haider Abdulameer Marhoon and Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Asst Prof. Dr. Atheer Yusif Aodah visited the teaching hospital at the college of Dentistry to see the work progress.

Prof Dr. Almowla affirmed during his tour, the necessity to provide the best dental prevention and medication services, provide the advanced health care levels for the people of the Province and to insure the highest degree of practical training for the students. He declared that the hospital is very well qualified and equipped with all modern international sophisticated  medical equipment and devices to provide high standard free health care services with precise specialties. This will relief a lot the burden of the citizens of the Province. Note that the Hospital opens during the working hours of the University  

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