Al-Ayen University conducts a scientific lecture on the safety basis of Chemical and Biological Security
2022 Jan 11

As part of the activities of the First Forum of General Safety and the Scientific Laboratories Security for the second consecutive day, a lecture was conducted entitled (the basic Axes for safety basis of Chemical and Biological Security in the Educational Laboratories) delivered by Asst. Lect. Mohammad Qasim Al-Khuzaee.  

The lecture dealt with six essential axes and aimed to identify basic rules for confronting  the challenges and risks resulting by the chemical and biological substances, and how to deal with them and dispose them. It also discussed the methods of confronting the hazards of fires within the axis of civil defense, as the lecture targeted the labors at the scientific laboratories and the Civil Defense Brigades

The lecture was attended by the Dean of Health Technologies College Asst. Prof. Dr. Ihsan Al-Bayati, Dean of Oil Engineering College Asst. Prof. Dr. Najeh Al-Ali and the Managers Assistants of Scientific Departments

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