The students of the Dentistry College at Al-Ayen University begins the work at the specialized dental teaching hospital
2021 Oct 27

The students of the College of Dentistry, at Al-Ayen University, started the work at the specialized dental teaching hospital, today Wednesday Oct,27th 2021 under the supervision of specialized staff to provide medical services for the people of the Province.

The Dean of the College of Dentistry Asst. Prof. Dr. Ihsan A. Alkhuzaee stated (the hospital has been equipped for the students of fourth and fifth stages of Dental College to start providing medical services including cleaning, extractions and filling. Besides creating pediatric dental clinic, orthodontic and prevention for the fifth stage students supervised by expert specialized staff in dentistry

Preventive measures have also been affirmed by conducting fumigating and sterilizing the clinics and commitment to the instruction of the health committee by using face-masks, gloves, social distancing and the necessity to perform the tests related to Corona Pandemic  to insure the safety of students, teaching staff and patients at the teaching clinics      

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