Al-Ayen Iraqi University holds a twinning agreement with Al-Muthanna University to promote higher education.
2024 Jul 04

University media / Adyan Abbas

 On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, Al-Ayen Iraqi University held a pioneering twinning agreement with Al-Muthanna University to enhance academic and research cooperation, exchanging experiences and knowledge between the two universities, developing joint academic programs, and providing distinguished educational and research opportunities for students and faculty members.

 The Chancellor of Al-Ayen Iraqi University, Prof. Dr. Shafik S. Shafik, and Chancellor of Al-Muthanna University Prof. Dr. Hussein K. Al-Shaher signed the twinning agreement, which includes the exchange of academic visits, the organization of joint conferences and workshops, and the exchange of academic and research materials.

 The signing of this agreement was also attended by the Deputy Chancellor for Scientific Affairs Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider A. Marhoon and a number of deans of the faculties of the two universities, seeking to establish strategic partnerships with prestigious educational institutions to achieve their academic and research goals.

 This cooperation represents scientific partnerships in the fields of dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, and human sciences, providing high-quality education, and developing scientific research in a way that contributes to achieving sustainable development.

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