Al-Ayen University receives online the Ministerial team in charge of the E Learning in Iraq
2021 Aug 09

Al-Ayen University received online the Ministerial team for the E Learning in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to follow up on the attendance and electronic exams at the University.

The member of the Ministerial team Asst. Prof Dr. Anwar Al-Jobori was received by the Dean of Pharmacy College who is also the Head of E Learning Unit at the University Asst. Prof Dr. Qutaiba Alhajjaj and presented the exams situation to the team.

The team met the Inspectors of the exams  halls and the students and affirmed the necessity of executing the exams at the uppermost possible way, and providing all requirements including air-conditioned halls, cool drinking water, dealing with emergency cases if exist and insure health and safety measures through social distancing, face-masks and sanitizers. The Ministerial team acknowledged the efforts paid by the University in this regards.

It is worth mentioning that the attendance exams have been conducting smoothly at the colleges of Al-Ayen University under the direct sponsorship of the Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shafik Al-Mowla, the Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Asst Prof Dr. Atheer Yusif and the Deans of the Colleges 

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