Vice-President of the University visits the College of Health and Medical Technologies
2023 Mar 22

The Vise-President of Al-Ayen University for Scientific Affairs, Associate Professor Dr. Haider A. Marhoon visited the College of Health and Medical Technologies and met with the Dean of the College Associate Professor Dr. Ihsan A. Al-Bayati, and the Head of the Medical Laboratories Department Dr. Saad H. Al-Badri. That was part of Dr. Haider plan to monitor the performance and evaluate the scientific departments and follow up on the scientific procedures for the purpose of identifying the challenges, strengths, and weaknesses, and suggest appropriate corrective actions.

 He touched on a number of topics of interest to the educational process in terms of official working hours and the preparation of classrooms and laboratories. He listened and discussed the approaches brought up by the Deanship and the Head of the Department to take whatever required. 

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