The Student Activities Department holds a plastic arts exhibition
2022 Nov 29

Under the sponsorship of the President of Al-Ayen University, Prof. Dr. Shafik Sh. Al-Mawla, the Student Activities Department at the university held a plastic arts exhibition in cooperation with the Cultural House in Dhi Qar for students of university departments and colleges today, Tuesday, 11/29/2022. It was participated by over 30 students and more than 10 artists whose works were exhibited in the main courtyard of the university.

 The Director of the Student Activities Department at the university, Dr. Hussein M. Tohme said "within the curriculum of the Student Activities Department for the first semester of the academic year, we held this festival in cooperation with the Cultural House in Dhi Qar, in preparation for participating in the Fine and Applied Arts Festival, which is expected to be held by the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority in  The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in which we aspire to obtain an advanced position.

 He added, "The exhibits at the festival included most of the art schools, including surrealism, classical and academic portraiture, caricature, sculpture, and others."

 He emphasized, "The results were as follow: Student Hossam Abbas won the first place, student Hassan Abdel-Kadhim won the second place, student Duha Jaber won the third place, student Zahraa Abdullah won the fourth place, and the student Jumana Moayed came in the fifth place."

 For his part, the Vice-President of the Artists Syndicate, the artist Hassoun Al-Shanoun, said, "What was presented today at the Arts Festival in Al-Ayen University was extraordinary, whereas the specialized colleges failed to show the same success. One of the most beautiful things that was noticed is the different ages of artists from 18 to 70 years old, which constitutes a very beautiful intellectual cross-fertilization among these generations."

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