College of Technical Engineering holds a workshop on the optical cable
2022 Nov 18

The Technical Engineering College, in cooperation with the Arab Pioneers (Al-Rawad) Company for Training and Development, held a theoretical and practical workshop on the optical cable, in the presence of the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs Dr.  Ahmed F. Farhan and the Head of Technical Medical Engineering Devices Department  Dr. Taif A. Faisal and a number of students of Medical Devices and Computers Departments 

 The workshop was presented by Eng. Barakat A. Hamza, and included an extensive explanation about the future of the labor market and job orientations in the sectors of communication, programming and mobile phone networks, and an extensive explanation about the types of optical cable and the speed of transmission of the optical signal through the optical cable. The practical side included the process of welding the cable into two ways, the mechanical way and the actual way using the Fusion Splicer. The attendees participated intensively in the welding process .

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