A Study at Al Ayen University provides opportunities for cancer prediction and remedy
2021 Jun 13

Head of the Department of Anesthesiology at the College of Health and Medical Technologies at Al Ain University, Prof. Maitham Talib Al-Moussawi, in coordination with a group of researchers from Iran, Russia and India, were able to highlight new approaches and methods in cancer treatment and prediction by reviewing the cytokinetic effect of CXCL16 in cancer and exploring its application Therapeutic.

The study titled "CXC chemokine ligand 16: a Swiss army knife chemokine in cancer" was” published in Cambridge University Press (  Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine)

As Cancer has become one of the main reasons for death worldwide recently, so the disruption of cytokines and chemokines has gained attention among the various attempts involved in the development of cancer and has attracted much interest in cancer researches.

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