Creativity and Scientific Research
2021 Jun 13

Al-Ayen University was ranked 78 out of 129 private and public universities and Faculties in terms of publishing researches in Scopus aspects across Iraq.

The Chancellor of the University Prof Dr. Shafeeq Shakir Shafeeq announced that a dramatic improvement in publishing researches in Scopus and Clarvit is taking place by the Iraqi researchers. He highlighted that the University was very interesting in motivating its teaching staff to publish their researches in those aspects. He also emphasized that the researchers of Al-Ayen University were able during two and a half years of its establishment to achieve an advanced position by publishing 133 scientific types of research. He added, the University will proceed to advanced ranks having held its second International scientific conference in mid-July last year which is considered as one of the biggest scientific conferences in Iraq in terms of the number of participated researches of 586. 

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