SDG In (AUIQ) SDG 2 – zero hunger

Rescue those affected by the earthquake in Syria

 Al-Ayen University coordinated with a team of students to distribute relive aid, including foods to those affected by the earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey recently. This is to insure part of their needs, visited them and review their problems, in order to promote the goals of sustainable development and achieve the goal of eliminating poverty and hunger and achieve equality between people  and peace on earth.

Rescue those affected by earthquake

Al-Ayen University extends its readiness to provide the necessary support to special education needs students.

 This is to review the specialized educational programs to be provided to special needs people within the schools of the province

special education 

A delegation from Al-Ayen University visits the nursing home in Dhi Qar

 This is part of the university's communication with the community and practicing its active and influential role.

Nursing Home 

Al-Ayen University, Al-Nasiriyah Reformatory Prison, and the Human Rights Commission Office are looking for a mechanism for joint cooperation

Nasirya reformatory Prison

Free scholarship

 Al-Ayen University interviews applicants for the free scholarship

Visual Report 

Al -Ayen University Articles on the Sustainable Development Goal (2-Zero hunger)

NO. Title Link
1Seasonal influence on physicochemical properties of the sediments from Bay of Bengal coast with statistical approach
2Chitosan-gelatin hydrogel incorporating polyvinyl alcohol and MnFe double-layered hydroxide nanocomposites with biological activity
3Water quality parameters assessment of ras el-Ain natural ponds, tyr, lebanon
4Deep clustering of cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning to optimize multi chiller HVAC systems for smart buildings energy management
5Afforestation of the Biosphere Reserve of Iraq with Norway Spruce (Picea abies) and Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra) Seedlings: a Quantitative and Qualitative Study
6A comprehensive appraisal of mechanism of anti-CRISPR proteins: an advanced genome editor to amend the CRISPR gene editing
7A Novel Advanced Algorithm in Automation of Food and Health Monitoring System using IOT
8Effects of Various Irrigation Levels and Biochar-Based Fertilizers on Peanut Production
9Computational assessment of groundwater salinity distribution within coastal multi-aquifers of Bangladesh

10Coupled online sequential extreme learning machine model with ant colony optimization algorithm for wheat yield prediction
11Effects of water shortage on food legume crops
12Delineation of urban expansion influences urban heat islands and natural environment using remote sensing and GIS-based in industrial area
13Effects of Irrigation Method and Water Flow Rate on Irrigation Performance, Soil Salinity, Yield, and Water Productivity of Cauliflower

14Forecasting weekly reference evapotranspiration using Auto Encoder Decoder Bidirectional LSTM model hybridized with a Boruta-CatBoost input optimizer
15Groundwater level prediction using machine learning models: A comprehensive review
16Cytotoxicity evaluation of environmentally friendly synthesis Copper/Zinc bimetallic nanoparticles on MCF-7 cancer cells
17Predictability performance enhancement for suspended sediment in rivers: Inspection of newly developed hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy system model
18Implementation of AdaBoost and genetic algorithm machine learning models in prediction of adsorption capacity of nanocomposite materials
19Mutating fuzzy logic model with various rigorous meta-heuristic algorithms for soil moisture content estimation
20Optimal preparation time in the vermicompost production process
21Advances in Biosensing of Chemical Food Contaminants Based on the MOFs-Graphene Nanohybrids
22Effects of global warming on insect behaviour in agriculture
23Optimal Energy Scheduling of Appliances in Smart Buildings Based on Economic and Technical Indices
24The Impact of Knowledge-based Economy on the Economic Growth of Middle Eastern Countries
25Analyzing food production risk with Monte Carlo simulation

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