Seeking for a better studying and working environment and to comply with the efforts of health institutions and by considering also THE Impact Ranking policy of Good Health and Well-being (SDG3), Al Ayen University has not being accepting smoking inside its Campus since its establishment date at 2017 except at free-smoking area which has been designed with efficient ventilation and air extraction processes.   

As part of the policies of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq, Al Ayen University is always encouraging and supporting women to be involved in the different education sectors; studying, employment, teaching, research and development projects, and academic staff. too. Al Ayen University is always following up the involvement of women students in the University; applications, enrollment, academic progressing, and completing the degrees.

Al-Ayen University has established several units to work in specific topics that can have important impacts in the way to achieve the sustainable development goals as follow.

  • Women Empowering Unit.
  • Human Rights Unit.
  • Employment and Rehabilitation Unit
  • International Academic Rankings Unit.
  • Radiation Prevention Unit.
  • More information about the Units of the Al-Ayen University is provided in the following link.

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