The Chancellor of Al-Ayen University holds a meeting with a number of Scientific Units Directors
2022 Jan 12

The Chancellor of Al-Ayen University, Prof. Dr. Shafik S. Al-Mowla and the Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs, Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider A. Marhoon, held a meeting on Wednesday 12/1/2022 with the scientific units affiliated with the University Presidency office.

The meeting was attended by the government program activities unit official, Asst. Lect. Khaldoun Taleb, the Women's Empowerment Unit official Dr. Abeer A. Ibrahim, the environment unit official Dr. Muhammad Kazem, the Employment and Rehabilitation Unit official Dr. Adnan Hashem, the human rights unit official Dr. Shaker Hawla, the International classifications unit official  Dr. Muhaimin, Head of I T Unit Noor Hanoun Haroun, Head of E-Learning Unit Dr. Qutaiba Abdulkarim, CBRN Unit and Cyber Security Ass. Lect. Muhammad Qassem, Head of Radiation Protection Unit Dr. Sarah Jawad.

The meeting discussed the structure, vision, mission and goals, and the Chancellor of the university directed the heads of units to submit a 6 month plans which are hoped to be implemented during the coming period, and to allocate windows for these units on the university's website.

While the university Chancellor confirmed that he will follow up the work of the administrative units periodically and continuously  and review the implementation of their programs and projects.

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