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Speech of the Respected Dean of Engineering College

Prof. Dr. Firas Faeq Kazem 

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. The best prayers and greetings be upon the Master of Messengers and the Seal of the Prophets and upon his pure progeny and chosen companions.

 From the fragrance of civilization, the cradle of the heavenly religions and the birth of the father of the prophets Ibrahim Al-Khalil (peace be upon him), from the land that clarified the meaning of history, invented timing, and wrote the first letter for humanity, and from the land of Ur, Sumer, and Lagash, it was the launch of the Engineering Technical College to be one of the sources through which Al-Ayen Iraqi University (AUIQ) illuminated the lamps of science, and knowledge. Being one of the establishment colleges of Al-Ayen Iraqi University (AUIQ) in 2017, the College has taken important steps towards preparing technical engineers capable of gaining the trust of institutions working in the governmental and private fields, which facilitates their integration into the labor market with high efficiency.

Our college relied on the actual need for technical engineering specializations appropriate to the labor market. Therefore, the establishment started with the departments of Petroleum Engineering Department in 2017-2018, then two departments of Biomedical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Engineering were invented in 2023-2024, so as to reflect the actual vision  and mission of the university which concentrated upon the innovation and excellence in cognitive and academic production.

 The College was distinguished by its interest in the quality and integrity of the educational process, and providing a suitable university environment for its dear students by providing experienced academic staff with extensive scientific experience and from different local and foreign nationalities, in addition to paying attention to providing specialized laboratories that work to integrate theoretical lectures with practical experience and contributes to the formation of the personality of an experienced technical engineer capable of facing all challenges in the labor market.

 In view of the qualitative leaps the world is witnessing in the field of work and the diversity of technical engineering specializations, the Engineering Technical College is working on future plans to expand horizontally by creating departments with specific and rare specializations, and vertically by preparing to create postgraduate studies through the twinning agreements concluded by the AUIQ with Reputable universities that fall within accredited international classifications.

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