Al-Ayen University conducts the second term exams for the year 2021-2022
2022 May 11

Al-Ayen University conducted the second term exams for the Year 2021-2022 at all Colleges and Departments, in attendance manner smoothly and in accordance to the Ministerial terms and regulation adopted by the examination committees.

To insure a suitable environment to carry out the exams, President  Assistant for Scientific Affairs Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider Marhoon performed an inspection tour to the exams halls at all Departments of the Health and Medical Technology College and the Technical Engineering College.

He was accompanied by the Dean of Health and Medical Technology College Asst. Prof. Dr. Ihsan Al-Bayati, his assistant Dr. Maithem Al-Mosawi and the member of Central Examination Committee Lecturer Moataz Salaman Hasan.

He expressed his satisfaction about the committees' performance and the students' response to the Ministerial instructions and the perfect coordination with the University's central examination committee  

The Dean of College of Pharmacy Asst. Prof. Dr. Qutaiba Al-Hajjaj in his turn, followed up with the performance of the committees at the College and the extent of students' acceptance of the question. He met the students and listened to their challenges and comments. Initially he expressed his satisfaction about the environment and all requirements insured by the college to have a successful exams process    

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